Toanche Dwelling - Wendake Ehen CS (Satatuhatta)


"Toanche Dwelling is the project by Canadian Barret E. Lediard, also known as the Vast Field Magnetism label boss. I first heard Toanche Dwelling on the 'Hyleidos' tape on Absurd Exposition, which had that timeless noise sound I was immediately drawn to. The tape sounded like it could have been from the 80s, not just because of the lo-fi murky tape production sound but also due to choices made in composition. It possessed an artistic vision for something 'new,' avoiding excessive imitation of icons and presenting something individually compelling.

On this new tape, 'Wendake Ehen,' the listener embarks on a hazy journey, more like a vortex where the perception of reality becomes blurred. It's like heading into a tunnel on a familiar commuter train, but suddenly there's no visible way out. It feels as if caught in a spiral where the journey turns inward, into oneself. Soundwise, there are no fireworks or light psychedelia. It's a very crude recording, like a dive into a drain pipe filled with moist earthly textures. The tape doesn't reveal its cards on the surface, but with careful listening, clues start emerging, and memories shake off from the unconscious mind." - Satatuhatta