Thomas DeAngelo - Voiceprints & Aircuts: Sound Poetry By Other Means CD (Adhuman)


"Thomas DeAngelo, known otherwise as T.D. or for his participation in Melkings, Zwangsbeglucktertum, Association Copy as well as his sadly departed Crisis of Taste label/mailorder, returns following his well-received Nothing New Under the Sun cassette (Gift of Music, 2022). From a distinctly leftfield position relative to the gnarled, textural tape noise works of this last output, DeAngelo in Voiceprints… offers an obscure, bloody-minded take on Sound Poetry and voice-based sound art over the course of this full length CD album." - Adhuman

"According to Enzo Minarelli, the Italian pioneer of Polypoetry, "every poet needs a theory." On this new Gesamtkunstwerk, “Voiceprints & Aircuts”, the theory proffered is that of "Sound Poetry By Other(s) Means".
With pince-nez tilted towards nothing less than the failure of the Avant Garde to realize itself, "Sound Poetry By Other Means" utilizes the strategies of circa-mid 20th century audio poems as a vehicle for this virtual history tour. The various deficiencies, missteps, gear fuck ups and general atmosphere of "Why?" all bleed into the smudged margins to reinforce the cart-before-horse nature of producing art indifferent to, nay, incapable of commodification within a cratering Marketplace of Ideas. While the message is by no means optimistic it is voiced in an unaffected, at times even joyous register befitting the paradox of post-End of History déclassé unfreedom.

Although intended to be taken as a whole, audience members antagonistic to such prescriptive formalities may still find plenty of meat in the purely sonic form of alienation the disc provides." - Thomas DeAngelo

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