The Rita - Her Shell, The Chute CS (Absurd Exposition)


"All sounds sourced from working a Lange XT 130 LV (flex index ‘very stiff’, low volume) ski boot.

Fitting the shell of a ski boot for a woman (note the female specifics, not unlike ballerina pointe shoe fitting):

“...every boot made for a woman adds padding around the ankle and Achilles area, an accommodation for the fact that the female foot is proportionately lower volume in this area...”
“In women’s iterations, the area over the first cuneiform bone is domed, forming a natural haven for this common protuberance in the female mid-foot. This isn’t such an easy area for a bootfitter to modify and as noted above, there’s only one lower shell made from scratch for a woman and this isn’t an area touched by its adaptation.”
“If the increase in heel height is effected inside the boot, it will have the multiple benefits of raising the calf slightly out of the boot, increasing leverage over the tongue and raising the ankle relative to the cuff pivot, all of which help the woman achieve a comfortable, balanced athletic position.”

Tragedy strikes when two women ski a Chute in Montana:

“Two women had hiked in from Fairy Lake to ski the Great One Couloir. The second skier ran into difficulty and fell during the run, resulting in traumatic injuries. The first woman called 911 and initiated CPR. Unfortunately, due to the severity of injuries, lifesaving efforts were unsuccessful. Search and Rescue volunteers were able to reach the scene by helicopter and both women were transported to a nearby landing zone. The deceased woman has been identified as Caroline Lupori, a Bozeman resident originally from Colorado.”

A woman’s corpse, nights on the mountain:

“Mrufka Wolf had badly frostbitten fingers. Whether she made a mistake on the change-over on the fixed ropes and fell-off, or collapsed and died of exhaustion, or tried to descend without clipping the Sticht plate onto the ropes was a matter for futile conjecture. So Mrufka, after surviving the ordeal of Camp 4, became the fifth and last victim of the storm, and the thirteenth on K2 in a single summer.”

Edition of 100 pad-printed tapes packaged with oversized screenprinted covers and 7x7" glossy insert. " - Absurd Exposition