Skin Crime - S/T CD (New Forces)


“New Forces is proud to offer a reissue of this hyper-limited Skin Crime tape from 1997, originally available in only a handful of copies. Skin Crime on this recording was Patrick O'Neil and Scott Hull. An essential part of the noise archive, and a unique entry in the legendary Skin Crime catalog.”

- New Forces

"1997. I get a postcard in the mail from GX asking if we'd like to play at a show he's setting up. Of course I said yes. I talked things over with RRRon, who had also been invited, and we decided that if we were going to fly out to the west coast, we might as well play a few shows and make a small tour out of it. I had one problem though, Shawn, who was playing with Skin Crime at the time, couldn't go, and Marc had moved out of the area. I hated playing solo, and didn't want to do an entire tour by myself, so the question was, who did I want to play with? The first name to come to mind was Scott from Japanese Torture Comedy Hour. We had already played a number of shows with them, and had collaborated at a show at RRR. I thought our sounds went well together, and just as importantly, since we'd be practically living together for a week, we got along well, so I asked him if he was interested in doing a small tour together with me and he agreed. Due to distance, and time constraints, we were only able to get together and practice once before leaving for tour. This is that session."

Patrick O'Neil

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