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Parasite Nurse - Caretaker CD (AAD)


“Parasite Nurse is one of the more recent stand-out artists from New York City's flourishing noise scene -- a region where it's nearly impossible to describe it's sound because each project has their own distinct style. Parasite Nurse is no exception, though you could draw comparisons to T.E.F. or Sickness, her sound is always backed by this brooding surreal ambience that gives it a depth of atmosphere falling somewhere between reluctant calmness and straight up nightmarish.

On her debut album (and first release with exclusive usage of her patiently acquired Eurorack build) she takes her time showcasing her brand of "unchill electronics" by allowing carefully composed modular synth sounds to slowly simmer to a rolling boil, eventually the tension gets higher...and once it gets going it only lets up long enough for you to catch a breath before getting slashed apart by a relentless barrage of masterfully executed and crisp technical cut-up noise.” - AAD