Kotsen - Attack Of The Savage Horde One Sided LP


Reissue of the amazing 1985 demo by Urs Sprenger (formerly of HELLHAMMER - booted due to his ineptitude, which is saying something..). Released under the guise of an Icelandic hardcore band, it comes out sounding like a mind-bending mongrelization of DRUNKS WITH GUNS, THE SHAGGS and THE BLUE HUMANS.. or something. Includes a WHITEHOUSE-ish cover of "Get Back". Edition of 200 in metallic ink silkscreened jackets with glossy insert.

"Unbridled chaos-punk from deep Switzerland. Kötsen was forming around the time Urs Sprenger aka Steve "Savage Damage" Warrior was ejected from Hellhammer in 1983 for his punk taste and wild, a-music style. While that band went on to the death metal mainstream to become Celtic Frost, Steve-Urs was forging a new, unique frontier of the hardcore underground, disguised of an unreal band of Ijslandic punks called Kötsen (meaning "Puke"). Inspired by Terveet Kädet, Discharge, &c, as well as the heavily slowed NWOBHM singles by Venom &c that were a huge influence on the early Hellhammer, Kötsen fit no scene with its extreme, bursting sound, stretching the intense energy of the hardcore of the time and the aberrant inclinations of the most extreme metal to a realm outside of those or any categories. Sodom admired the radical sound of the Kötsen demos, and Celtic Frost recycled one song of this tape for their first album, released the same year. "Attack of the Savage Horde" was the second Kötsen demotape, from 1985. Wave after wave of explosion. Energy foaming at the mouth. Beyond punk, way." - Riøt Rekørd

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