Fish el Fish - Dog Wearing Dracula Fangs CD (Adhuman)


"Syed Kamran Ali (Hunter Gracchus, Harappian Night Recordings) introduces ‘Dog Wearing Dracula Fangs’; the first album from his newly minted Fish el Fish project. As if to kick the existing ideas of his Harappian Night Recordings work into all new orbits of singularity, ‘Dog Wearing Dracula Fangs’ wrenches a dense throng of voices, electronics and busted instrumentation thrashing and wailing through filters of avant-psychedelic glimmer, mock exotica and atrophied, fusion-esque sheen. A dry, mysterious spoken prose underpins the sonics, appearing to speak in terms of daunting geopolitical allusions in one breath, then glib, tongue in cheek piss-taking sarcasm the next. These narratives pull you immediately into what feels like an entire universe of vivid though scarcely penetrable imagery, begging to be decoded and explored in detail.

Yet even through repeat listens of this enticing work it is difficult to fathom exactly the type of thinking this music has sprung from. Far too crude and homespun to be the product of arch cultural strategy, ‘Dog Wearing Dracula Fangs’ is possessed of a blown out fidelity indicative of untarnished, DIY spontaneity and the willingness to let things emerge as they will. Clear as day from the moment of playback, however, is a confident, fully realised other worldliness to this music that is anything accidental. Comprised chiefly of shortish, song length pieces, each notably varied in shape and feel, there is a fully formed ‘proper album’ quality to ‘Dog Wearing Dracula Fangs’ which only reinforces curiosities about exactly where the fuck this has all come from. Whatever the answer, whatever its secrets, this is probably the most weird and wonderful release adhuman has had the pleasure to take on so far." - Adhuman

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