Circle of Shit / Soma CS (Minimal Impact)


"Reissue of the Circle of Shit / Soma split tape on new old stock. Edition of 32 with single sided insert. The inserts of this tape were made from test prints originally intended for the first edition, recovered from the flooded facility where they were originally produced. As such they will naturally have some wear and tear. New cover art has been produced as a derivative of the original artwork by Circle of Shit, and applied as a sticker over the original paper insert. This split cassette brings together Finland's two decade old project Circle of Shit with Spain's newcomer Soma, putting forward two disparate approaches to the post-industrial style. Conceptual threads are woven throughout, loosely connecting the styles and titles through a phenomenological association with skin penetration and searing bodily pain.

The A side displays the years worth of sound manipulation and technical development you may expect from a project such as Circle of Shit. The second track "Haluan Vain Nähdä Sinun Polttavan," gives a much needed reprieve from the sharp sting of "Urtica Dioica," or common stinging nettle. Translating roughly to "I Just Want To See You Burn," CoS's second track then follows on to the beguiling "Elizabeth Bathory" which lulls us with an initially softer tonal palette.

Having originally been approached by Soma for a full length cassette release, the sharper techniques heard in those original tracks have been maintained and developed into a more dynamic industrial noise style. Soma's material on this split is far more direct. The two tracks continue the debasement, floundering through several motions before settling in for a solid 28 minutes of aural abuse. Live vocals are introduced to the mix, exemplifying how corporeal the output of this project is. " - Minimal Impact